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accidents. and with the families, and it has been a very safe environment and drop off and pick up. and i also want to say that my sons have enjoyed it immensely and i don't think that they would have ever gotten an education like this anywhere else in the city thank you. >> hi, i am another mom, and i have two sons that graduated from there and i have three quick points and i know that the opposition had two really strong concerns and one is that it is an urban trafficky area. i am not sure where we should put preschools if we are not going to put them in the trafficky area in san francisco we would all have to move out of san francisco to achieve that really. my son goes to a public elementary school on 14th street and just take a look at that school unloading with 375 students. and it looks like beirut compared to what they have to deal with. number two the everybody was concerning about the noise and i could find it concerning and offensive that the neighbors are comparing the children's invoiceses to a vacuum cleaner, these problems are visible especially with the way of the potash's
". [applause] >> when it came to energy, natural resources and the environment reagan knew exactly what he wanted to do. of course he had been governor of california and like the other ten western states california is a federal lands state. the government jones a third of the nation, most of that in the american west and california like colorado, half of it was owned by the federal government so ronald reagan as governor of california, not just when it was sovereign but also when it was a land owner in many cases of bad neighbor. so he had to have experience, he knew the agency, the park service, the fish and wildlife service and the forest service and the department of agriculture and the bureau reclamation, he had experience with those agencies firsthand and he brought that knowledge with him in the years ahead. something phenomenal about reagan was he had a photographic memory and that is not just from bill clarke and george shultz, but the famous reagan biographer who points that out, one of the reasons why reagan once he had experience with an issue brought that experience with him in
, then the environment has to change so the virus cannot grow and the only way the environment changes is if youth and adults begin to speak with one voice about changing the social norms that allows it to happen. it makes sense to most of us, you have it khaifrpb the social norms. we must educate. but we must go beyond thinking more rigor will get us better achievement. we have to remember a school is a community and in a xhuept, people look out for each other. they've got each other's back. how do we begin to promote that idea that we are in this thing together? we believe it's through, unfortunately but truly, self-interest. kids are driven developmentally by the desire to fit in, to belong, to be part of an affinity group. if we can capitalize on their desire to look out for their friends and give them some more tools and opportunities and support, they will begin to do what we need them to do to at least confront it in their own small cell of social influence and the compounding and leveraging of that begins to make change. so the question we have to ask ourselves, are we as adults willin
and that tap water, unlike bottled water, is also good for our pocket books and the environment as well. and the public utilities commission, the puc, has worked along with the department of public health to educate residents to drink as much tap water as possible. i think [speaker not understood] and different efforts at the community level have been really beneficial, but we absolutely need to increase the ability of people to use their own refillable water bottles. and unlike bottled water, hetch hetchy tap water costs less than a half a penny per gallon. so, it's almost like costless in some ways. it's quality tested over 100,000 times a year and it's highly regulated by the environmental protection agency or the epa. i think the fear of drinking tap water often has been caused by slick and really misleading campaigns by the bottled water companies and over the years there is a certain fear. but i think the countering with a strong public education program, community education, has been critical. and many of you know that my work to work with christina and others within the departme
're an environment of financial oppression and will be there for a long time and that ness tatds moving out on the risk spectrum. having exposure to a different variety and increases small caps. >> over the shorter term, we're excited about small caps. we do think there is positive aspects of small caps, namely typically in a rising rate environment, small caps out per formed. that's typically coupled with an economic recovery. one thing being overlooked by investors today is the fact that companies are sitting on record levels of cash, and typically a way that deploy the cash is through mergers and acre sessions. >> quick question and followup, if i might, christina. you used the phrase financial repression. what does that mean? >> is that means an environment where rates are held artificially low and we're in that environment and we anticipate we'll continue to be in that environment for years to come. there is an affixuation of yield to come. >> in some of the research i was doing this afternoon, i was struck by the fact that there is some sort of nexus between how domestic small compani
determined by the county surveyor. the impacts could have a significant impact on the environment. for this project the battery acid is behavior a concern for the fire department. however, they still get reviewed in their annual inspection. and those batteries are upstairs in a location not in the basement. i would add for the previously information the map refers to the need for dp w inspections. this don't - in facility does not fall within the scope of the inspectors review. those combined the remove of the maps and this seal to the batteries means the replacement of the batteries is not an u cut risk. for the department there were no sequa issues and this does not raise any special circumstances. where this promise is capable with the neighborhood it is. first necessity as the sequa said the capacity was needed. and at&t concluded no other locations would be feasible within this area. new facilities require a review for coverage and capacity in the facility. this includes additional drive test. they determine the information was accurate next intieblt. this california street w
past that meander up and down the park under pines and eucalyptus. hang out in this environment and you might see butterflies it, fennel, and then the lines. -- dandelions. is ada accessible. public transit is plentiful. we have conquered the steps, we have watched the dogs, and we have enjoyed a beautiful view. this is a place to take someone special on a romantic stroll and enjoyed a beautiful look out. welcome to corona heights located in the heart of this district. it offers a view of the downtown skyline, the bay bridge, and the east bay. it is one of the best kept secrets in the city. it is hardly ever crowded. on any given day, you will run into a few locals. , bought a 37 bus to get there without any parking worries. for legged friends can run freely. there is also a patch of grass for the small box. >> it is a great place. it is a wonderful place to have these kinds of parks. that dog owners appreciate it. >> take time to notice of the wildfires that are on the grassland and keep your head out on the lookout for hawks and other bird life. be sure to take your camera and be prep
for environment for justice where they began 10 years ago in neighborhoods they've all helped shape this legislation to address issues of food access and community height. i want to thank the arab groceries information and helping in reach out and drafting and support thisors o ordinance. in many part of our service there's not many that offer vegetation and there are an overabundance of stores that sell foods high in sugars and salts. this will help the smaller businesses to become for competitive and will offer more healthy foods. the programs will help in supplementing oots small business owners. and it will be mended with the department of public health of public health and the store coalition and establishing the associations. this will create a specialized one stop shop for an array of services. to participate in the program retailers must agree to receiveables to devout areas for allow fat products to participate in their program so that's over one 3rd of their stores. the retailer must not have one fifth of their stores to tobaccos. and a community advisory group that's comp
. the public art program continues its 30-year legacy of integrating art into the airport environment with the addition of five new commissions that are as bold and dynamic as the new building. >> this project was completed in record time, and we were able to integrate the artist's early enough in the process that they could work with the architect said that the work that is completed is the work that really helps complement and instill the space as opposed to being tucked away in a corner. >> be experience begins with the glass facades that was designed with over 120 laminated glass panels. it captures the experience of being under or over clouds when flying in a plane. depending on the distance or point of view, it can appear clear for more abstract and atmospheric. the subtle colors change gradually depending on the light and the time of day. >> i wanted to create an art work that looks over time as well as working on in the first glance. the first time you come here, you may not see a. but you may be able to see one side over the other. it features a couple of suspended sculptures
of the stability of the environment you're in. >> the building department will typically require that kind of information. people will do a major edition. what we are wondering is why we require that information. >> great, thank you very much. it is terrific. it is fun to see a lot of the city. thank you. >> items acted upon today will be on the board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> okay. we have a relatively long agenda but hopefully we can get through the items quickly and joined by supervisor eric mar. can you call number 22 up. >> item two authorizing the mayor's office to the successor housing agency to into a 99 year ground lease titling $43,065,000 with 1100 ocean avenue. >> good morning supervisors, chair farrell. thank you for having me this morning. i am from the mayor's office and community development. thank you for letting me present this resolution and would authorize the mayor's office and community development as the successor agency to the successor housing agency to enter into a long-term ground lease with the 1100 ocean avenue limited partnership.
. so one of the things that many of us here understand that the environment or what we call the climate influences outcomes but often times in public schools where decisions are made, climate and educational mandates are perceived as two opposite ends of the continuum, like when i have time and i've achieved my test scores and we've got everything buttoned up, then we'll get to the klie mallet. we've heard it from speaker after speaker, that conditions set the stage for children to leeb lean in and achieve. the good news is we can move bullying out of the front page not with more dollars but with more changes in our attitudes and our interactions. if more teachers perceive themselves to be call friendly and know the names of boys and girls in their buildings, part of it is reeducation that climate and environment and changing social norms is not secondary, it's primary and when we all embrace that then we'll begin to see the changes in the policies and the practices and we'll begin to get the results we want. we need to advocate for improving the social climates of our public school
a safe and healthy environment for san francisco's families and children to gather and the interpretive exhibits including the beautiful portrait of wong fu yen will help visitors and residents learn about san francisco's rich labor and maritime history and vibrant immigrant communities. thank you again to mayor lee and mayors newsom and brown before him for making this possible and best wishes for memorable celebration. best regards, nancy pelosi, democratic leader. thank you. (applause) >> thank you, dan, very much. and please take our best and most gracious respects back to congresswoman pelosi, your colleagues in your san francisco office and of course in the capital. they are just fabulous for all of us. another group that needs recognition is the port commissioners themselves, present and past. they have been with us for this project along the way. they have worked hard to marshal scarce resources to make this project possible as the budget kept rising and the need to do more work kept rising with it. and to say a few words of gratitude on all of our behalf, please welcome port co
the mouth of these water sheds and really to understand the natural environment in which not just our water system depends on that, but what i consider to be our sewage sheds and depend on that gravity and built the environment as well. and the education phase will include the sfpuc tour, and the tour possible tour of the south east waste water treatment plant and the justice workshops. which the youth begin to articulate how the waste water and water systems really impact their every day lives. and so one of the examples i like to give is as young people drive to school, as they drive passed where the avenue,, why is that that section particularly under the freeway gets flooded because it is part of the creek and the water shed that gets emptied out into the bay so this is really a tangible understanding of not just the natural environment but the built environments is where these tours and these workshops are going to start eliciting these personal connections to these city-wide issues. and as we jump into that action component, there will be community data and creating personal narrative
classroom, every school environment should be a safe environment where everyone is welcomed regardless of who you are, regardless of your ethnic background, sexual orientation or cultural background and we don't couple that with behaviors that kids will display. and the other thing in terms of context that i want to make sure is clear and i didn't am happy you're here and we are fighting a battle against pop culture and the messages they receive on tv, logging on to the facebook page, logging on to all of the social media that is out there, think how many times in pop culture they refer to someone as "their little b, or little n" and that's just the way we greet each other and for someone that entered school only speaking spanish and you think about the language issues and in spanish i can tell you a whole bunch of terms that people use to great each other that are so racist, homo phobic and have a length and accepted as accepted and we need to work together and we're dealing with a culture we are trying to shift and in san francisco we are proud of the work around the issue of toler
, that our environment is clean, that people have healthy air to breathe, that food is safe. there is a role for government to play, and we believe it needs to be adequately funded. illinois, in republican line. 30 seconds before the house comes in. color: -- caller: thank you for taking my all. sequestration, who originally brought the idea up, and if it is such a bad idea, why did the president signed it? guest: great question. it was put in as a placeholder. most people thought it would never take effect. the democrats or republicans would never allow across-the- board cuts to demo -- domestic programs and military programs. it was a placeholder. and it was never intended to take effect. and, quite frankly, it is devastating. -- your questions are a very is a very valid question and no better answer than i could get you. host: senator cardin, the senate has one more week before recess. what is going to be some of the major legislation we see maybe next week or in the fall? guest: guest: we are working on appropriations bills. i think we will continue to work on that. we may take up an ene
the quarry property that we're referring to, and it has long-term implications for improving the environment within the sunol region and the town of sunol. the projects that that the center for biological diversity and others are critical to improve the environment in our area. we are extremely concerned and we have been working on this for a long time. our local advisory committee to alameda county has been working on processes for -- identifying local projects for community improvement and we would like to be able to have some assurance we're going to move ahead with that. there are questions as to why things are taking so long, and so we are really at a point we're at a stand still to implement the things we're able to do once this project is approved so on behalf of the community i would request that whatever can be done to facilitate this project moving forward be done so that we will be able to move ahead with some of our projects, even as small as they seem compared to other things you deal with. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. next speaker please. >> yes, i am mervti
and hang out and she was amazing. >> the environment, the people, everything. it is like everyone has so much energy. >> hey, you are beautiful. and i love you. >> why? because... it is definitely a lot more fun than being inside. >> so far we have had zero problems. it is a long-step process, a lot of thinking and people involved. so we think that we got rid of all of the problems that could happen. they are doing it, and we are doing it and everybody is doing the best that they can. >> it is a wonderful out reach >> come. >> it is beautiful. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the san francisco playground's history dates back to 1927 when the area where the present playground and center is today was purchased by the city for $27,000. in the 1950s, the center was expanded by then mayor robinson and the old gym was built. thanks to the passage of the 2008 clean and safe neighborhood parks bond, the sunset playground has undergone extensive renovation to its four acres of fields, courts, play grounds, community rooms, and historic gymnasium. >> here we are. 60 years and $14 million later, and we have got
vote. the environment of the election is better than the last election. >> maybe the election day environment has improved, but will the environment in parliament improved? with the opposition gaining ground, they are looking towards changing policy and answering the call of their supporters. the cambodian people's party still has a solid majority in parliament and will still control government, but they must not ignore the growing popularity of the opposition. on the program, questions by a judge. the driver of the spanish train that crashed and killed 79 people appears in court. jewelry isllion of stolen from a hotel on the french riviera. >> a reminder of the top stories you're on al jazeera -- pulls have closed in molly in the first presidential election since the country was thrown into turmoil 18 months ago. despite fears that but some voters off, there has been [indiscernible] announced. the egyptian prime minister says he will deal decisively with any attempt to stabilize the country. brazilians have come out in their millions to hear pope francis speak at rio de janeiro's
into public businesses and that would insure harmony with the environment. they don't require remove or any of the features of the subject building. there were 3 alternate requirement increase the fire room safety and increase the room. as condition the project would actually be held to a higher standard then for example, for a data storage element in an office building which would be approved without a hearing. this is in conclusion of the sequa for the sea authorization. in this occasion it was approved because there is no significant impact on the environment. the examinations should be issued and the commission found it met all the criteria and impacted enacted to approve the application. now having you have the new evidence and determine the be intieshlt. staff is open for questions >> supervisor mar. >> let me try to be brief. i really appreciate the planning department and staff have a third party analysis. that's a big step forward. i'm appreciative to look at those projects but i have a question of the w t s guidelines. and the appellants are saying this is a prefer
they come from are damaging to the environment. the problem is, eggs are used in so many ways, it's proved impossible for scientists to find one solution. though san francisco's hampton creek foods may be close. the start up located in the heart of high tech south of market is working on plant-based replace manies. funded in part by microsoft's bill gates. >> josh, he is ceo of hampton creek foods, he is a teacher in kenya, and blogger who is now reinventing one of nature's most basic foods. in in my list things that you are good at, i do not see anything related to this. how do you feel you are qualified for this? >> i feel i'm smarter some -- >> so am i. one of the things we realized early on, this problem is not a food science problem, it's not a culinary problem, it's not a bio chemistry problem, it requires all the disciplines. we have biologyists, we have a chef that was on top chef season nine and all of them together will make it happen. the egg is spoken of as the perfect food, setting aside the cholesterol problem, it's a complete kind of food. so, chickens do a nice job laying t
it could affect the environment but if you're talking about a landmark we're going to describe for example, the character of the window opening is so we can say in the exemption 3 this project as it's described we know for sure isn't going to have american people effect on the environment. so if you're talking about a more sensitive description the project might be more detailed and it might trigger a new exemption >> thank you. >> don't go because i have a followup question to that. so if the way this comes out there is not an appeal in the situation. do you anticipate that the result of that system would be that the initial description it is submitted would be more detailed? >> rather than less detailed. >> we've madeor project descriptions more vigorous. we've put our categorical map on line already and we've added a space for project description. so we're i think being very mindful of project discrepancys >> it seems that if someone who wants a project would want to make it as specific as possible so the appeal would be foreclosed once there's a determination that he or she who su
a problem in our army, we have social problems, and environment of youth. we have many problems. we are a poor country. we have a different challenge to face, to cope with. people will want to separate and say, we are as we are, we are a group and we do not want to be part of this movement. i do not agree. i know i have some friends who are tuareg who want to move forward and be part of the country. we are not saying we have just to bring together and sit down at the table and say let's talk and everything is going to be good. no. we have to say the truth. yes, some people face violence. women in the north of the country have endured. we have many problems. >> injured. >> we have to say truth because some people did bad things and they have to be -- they have to face the responsibility. together, we have to do this job. we are going to do it. >> i think that word that you used three times, the truth, is of vital importance. it is time to bring in james, who is watching things online for us. to get an assessment of what has been said about this debate. good to see you, sir. what have
health. lead addresses five categories that enhances environment. indoor air quality, energy, water, materials and resources, and sustainable sites are the five categories for the lead. you can go for several gold or platinum certifications. >> the city wanted to be silver lead status. . maybe gold was a stretch. and people said, if we're going to be a sustainable organization that the pucs this has got to be the top of the line. it's got to be a lead platinum building. what does that mean to us? we run water, power, and sewer. so, those are some of the biggest things involved in lead platinum. ♪ ♪ >> by late 2008 the project, as we got the contractor on board and we were able to start pricing it, we're a multi-, multi-, multi-million dollar over budget. >> the story a lot of people don't know after we got select today do this project, the first price we came in with was $180 million. and the city said, you know, this is a great building, but we just don't want to spend that much money. so, the project was on the verge of being canceled. >> if you're looking at why this building
to concentrate and learn. so a school safety environment is no. 1 and we know that when you have that safe environment it's backed up by respect and trust, students will learn better, they will attend school better and academically they will do well and socially they will do well. so socially we're very concerned about implementing at the ground level these laws tom has led the way in enacting. >> but there are a lot of people who don't think this is an issue, unfortunately, sadly. i know you are a big believer in this in mental health and good physical health and the link to academics. could you talk about that, please? >> all the research points to having a healthy school environment, having health in your life, many students, a quarter of our students in california have poverty, a quarter of our children have no health care. what was a million students a year and a half ago is now a million and a half. when you have good nutrition and good health, you will learn better. it goes hand in hand with good mental health and a good school environment. the research points out, we want our k
be educated and create their path to a successful future and it's a healthy environment and bullying prevents that for so many kids. when terreesa and i addressed issues around truancies and one of the common themes and i saw this before with sexually exploited cases and kids were afraid to go to school because of the terrorism going on and with bullying it's flat out terrorism for the victim and the recipient of it. our efforts are strong because we don't want kids to feel that the only choice is don't go to school or find a new school to go to and also gave us the opportunity to look at the children that are bullied and what is going on in their house or family and why are they acting out to an aggressive, mean way? and it opened up a lot of doors for us and our initiative is take this head on to make sure children feel safe and they are safe and our challenge is the introduction of the internet and social media and can be so insidious behind closed doors. the governor signed a bill into law and my office and the l.a. county sheriff have committed to keeping track and data of crimes that
the environmental council of the states. i listed indiana's department of the environment in support because what they want to do is get a handle on this. let's not confuse the issue. if the e.p.a.'s able to label fly ash as toxic, it does epress the beneficial use. so the cheap concrete that's mixed with fly ash will not be put in. the road mitigation issues which we've done will not be put in. my colleague, marsha blackburn, did a good job talking about how we use today coal ash and fly ash. so i want to thank my colleague, mr. mckinley, for moving this bill and my colleagues on the subcommittee who have made changes and moved forward. we look forward to the debates on the amendment, and we look forward to passing of the bill and sending it to the other chamber and eventually a signature by the president of the united states. with that for this part i yield back the balance of my time. the chair: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. all time for general debate has expired. pursuant to the rule, the amendment in the nature of a the itute recommended by committee oners in printed in
agency. and you have three single audit findings. one is for dph, office of environment, and the office of emergency management. >> great, thank you so much. >> good afternoon. i actually prepared a powerpoint presentation for you. today i'm going to go over the audit results for 11-12. i'm actually here to present two reports, city reports. the first one is the city's comprehensive annual financial report or what is known as the c-a-f-r. the second report is the board as the governing body of the city. and lastly the third report is the single audit report which is the compliance audit of the city's federal program. i do want to mention that [speaker not understood]. we audit all of the city's funds except for the ones that are audited by kpmg and other auditors which includes the health services, the airport, the puc, the mta, as well as the market corporation. for the city's c-a-f-r, we issue an unqualified opinion which is the highest level issuance that the city may have. i do want to point out that in our audit opinion for 2012, we had two additional paragraphs to emphasize certai
weight. and when they looked at the environment, they saw that those child care centers had pitchers of water out ease toy drinks. that became more of a default option. ~ those centers that had the pitchers of water accessible had half the excess weight gain -- i mean, children are always gaining weight because they're growing. it's that excess weight gain. they had half the excess weight gain in those child centers that had water readily available. and the maternal child health folks recognized that and are working to make pitchers available in child care center, very easy fix. what they also noted was that in african-american children, there was something about having a pitcher of water that really helped decrease the risk in half for cavities as well. it wasn't as notable in the other populations. they don't completely have an answer as to why. it may be that in communities like the bayview where there is one dental clinic for 33,000 people, there is limited access to preventive dental care. but again, i don't know that's the answer, but that may be one of the reasons. so, i just
problem. clean up the environment and move to new cleaner sources of energy. republicans, congressional republicans decided they were going to prebutt the president's big speech today by announcing ahead of the speech that their plan on energy in the environment is to cut the budget of the epa by a third. oh, yeah, environmental protection, who needs it, especially now. house republicans ahead of president obama's big speech today moved to cut funding to the epa by 34%. and while the president is insisting that americans reduce carbon emissions, republicans included provisions in their bill today to block the epa from controlling carbon emissions. house republicans while they were at it, voted to slash the president's funding request for renewable energy. i know everybody says slash whenever they're talking about 2% cuts or whatever, look at this, it's a 72% cut for renewable energy. that's slashed. the top republican in the house appropriations committee laughed about it to reporters, saying, his priorities are going nowhere. we are in the midst of a slow motion environmental disaster
acres was burned to the best. during his time he was an enemy of the environment. i think this was pretty damning in 1844. and it's hard to think of course of any boston merchant who did as much damage to the environment as this young man. of course this young man today is on environmentalism. now there is a lesson here which is that we are a destructive species and if you love nature it often makes sense to stay away from it. now, also i started acquiring and out small children five years ago. laughter can you can tell i'm an economist to the donelson moved to the woods not far and i started to do a lot more damage to the environment than monroe did. now it's not -- i'm taking no stand on the science of global warming in this book but certainly if you are worried about global warming more about the price of gas at the pump that in fact living in relatively compact urban spaces means less energy consumption even holding one fact is that people that live in the house's use on average 88% less electricity than people that live in apartments. the gap is so much smaller but it
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 594 (some duplicates have been removed)